Top Priorities for Scottsboro

1.) Complete the Veteran's Field and Downtown Streetscape projects within budget. 

Some more info: Completing the Veterans Field project within or under budget will allow the City to utilize the remainder of the 3 million dollar bond issue to perform the Rec Com pool renovations that are much needed. The Streetscape project will utilize approximately $500,000 of matching local tax dollars. Minimizing any cost overruns will allow the tax dollars to go towards other needed improvements. 

2.) Use an additional funding source earmarked for road paving and culver/bridge replacement. Currently the City allocated $200,000 each year for paving. Under normal resurfacing actions that will pave X amount of space.

3.) Improvements to and adding additonal boat ramps within Scottsboro at City Park and Goosepond Colony. Water sports and fishing are a large part of our tourism revenue each year within the City, and our efforts to expand and capture this revenue should be enhanced.

4.) Completing the service road that connects the west side of Hwy 72 and Hwy 35 will make retail development along this service road more attractive. The City recently purchased the additional property required for the road and plans are to place this road project out for bid within the next 3-6 months.

5.) Completing a traffic study and conceptual design for the Hwy 72 / County Park intersection continuing up to Redstone Federal Credit union on Hwy 72. This study and design will allow the City to explore a more safe traffic pattern and possibly promote more retail development in this area as well. 

6.) Strategically placing some community storm shelters within the City limits for all citizens.

7.) Improving all our drainage ways that all ultimately flow into Roseberry Creek, and exploring strategic dredging of Roseberry Creek with TVA. 

8.) Removing the old wasterwater treatment plant on hero's Drive, and converting this area into green space for recreational use. 


This page will be reguarly updated as Scottsboro moves forward. Last update on 6/13/2017


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