Human Resources Contacts

Erin Dixson & Connie Sharpe

Erin Stiles
HR Director
Phone: 256.912.0505

Connie Sharpe
HR Specialist
Phone: 256.912.0513

Human Resources

Under the direction of the Mayor, the Human Resources Department supports a variety of public service departments working to improve and maintain the City.  The City of Scottsboro accommodates the community through general administration, including finance, budgeting, building code law compliance, and engineering.

The City of Scottsboro shares a specific culture and historical heritage among our citizens.  The City strives to provide citizens with the best quality of life and safety through police protection, its fire department, and safe roadways.  Both the Street and Sanitation departments provide a clean environment for the City.

The Parks and Recreation department provides families with activities and programs that encourage enjoyment, health, and most importantly fun for both children and adults.  The City cemetery is another example of the historical heritage in Scottsboro and our airport strives to serve not only Scottsboro, but serves as an ambassador to people visiting this region.

Human Resources is the cornerstone for all departments.  Our mission is to supply employees with the best guidance, support, and understanding of City policies, procedures, benefits, and opportunities.  Through training and programs, applicant selection, and an open door policy, Mrs. Sharpe and I work to achieve the best working environment and strive to make the City of Scottsboro the most desirable place to work in Jackson County.

The City of Scottsboro offers an extensive benefits package.  Competitive compensation, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama Health Insurance, Guardian Dental and Vision, vacation and sick leave, and State Retirement are just some highlights of the advantages of working for the City of Scottsboro.

We welcome you to check job postings and contact us with any questions you may have.

Erin R. Stiles
Human Resources Director

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