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Posted: August 1, 2016

Position: Airport Attendant – Part-time

Range: $10.00

Job Summary

Opens Airport office on the scheduled time.  Performs a daily check of runway, taxiway, ramp, and t-hanger areas.  Checks for any outage of runway edge lighting and replaces when needed.  Reports any unusual findings to proper authorities, such as hanger doors left open or evidence of vandalism.  Assists pilots with itinerary and local aircraft in parking and fueling.  Fuel all types of aircraft and helicopters.  Performs routine office duties of collection of payments for rental and fuel sales.  Performs custodial and janitorial duties in office, restrooms, and maintenance hangar.  Mows grass areas around the office and maintenance hangar.  Keeps airport facility and work vehicle clean at all times.  Records aircraft operations and other activities on a daily log and maintains other reports as required. Performs closing of the airport, including daily records and receipts as required.  Performs other duties as assigned.


  1. Possess a current and valid Alabama driver’s license.
  2. Ability to pass pre-employment screening.

Job Domains, Skills, and Abilities

  1. General knowledge of aircraft and aviation needs of the flying public.
  2. Understanding of weather reporting, basic wind direction and speed.
  3. Ability to communicate clearly both orally and in writing
  4. Ability to deal with the public in a courteous manner at all times
  5. Ability to receive and transmit messages to pilots over the radio.
  6. Ability to work closely with the Airport Manager and other City management.
  7. Ability to work when needed.
  8. Must have the skills and ability to move aircraft parked outside into maintenance hangar if space is available and when severe weather approaches.
  9. Must assist aircraft owners.
  10. Must be able to work weekends.

The City of Scottsboro is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Drug Free Workplace.


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