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Scottsboro Biking Trails

Scottsboro Biking Trails
Scottsboro, Alabama

Scottsboro Trails consists of 26 miles of biking, walking and hiking trails utilizing existing roadways, a new greenway and undeveloped area. Scottsboro Trails connects all seven parks in the city, four of the six city schools, the downtown area, the Scottsboro Recreation Center  The segments of Scottsboro Trails are: (Rec-Com) and four of the five city shopping centers.


  • INTERPARK BIKE TRAIL: This main trail (11 miles) extends from the Goose Pond Colony near the south edge of the city to Carver Park near the north edge of the city.  Except for the greenway described below and some short distances with existing curbs and shared paths, this trail consists of 4’-5’ extensions on both sides of existing roads.  This trail interconnects with the Town and Country Bike Trail.  Located at the midpoint of this trail is the Roseberry Creek-Bynum Park Greenway.


  • ROSEBERRY CREEK-BYNUM PARK GREENWAY: A 2.5 mile greenway segment in the middle of the Interpark Bike Trail.  This unique 12’ hard surfaced walking and biking greenway not only crosses Roseberry Creek but goes under all the roadways and  bridges of the major US72-AL 279 limited access interchange.  This greenway connects two schools and four outdoor sports facilities.


  • TOWN AND COUNTRY BIKE TRAIL: This 9 mile biking segment connects to the Interpark Bike Trail at two locations and serves the historic downtown area and side streets as well as a western segment of “country” Woods Cove area.  In the downtown area where curbs and sidewalks are present, shared bike lanes with existing roadways will be designated.  For the Woods Cove area, 4’-5’ extensions on both sides of the existing roads will be used for the bike trail.


  • RIVER RIDGE HIKING TRAIL: This 6 mile primitive hiking loop is located on TVA land along a ridge overlooking the Tennessee River just SW of BB Comer Bridge.  It will consist of natural paths with minimal clearing of small underbrush.




  • Provide additional recreational opportunities for outdoor activities.
  • Make commuting to work and school by bike feasible, thereby decreasing traffic.
  • Increase alternative means to travel between sports and shopping facilities.
  • Allow safe alternative access for handicapped in wheelchairs to areas of downtown (square), parks, schools and shopping.


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