Street Department Contacts

Eddie W. Blizzard
Phone: 256.912.0570

Alan Stein
Office Manager
Phone: 256.912.0572

Street Department

Eddie Blizzard - Street Department Superintendent
Wayne Moore- Street Foreman
Terry Haynes- Brush and Junk Crew Leader
Todd Bradford- Heavy Equipment Crew Leader
Johnathan Keel- Mowing/ Herbicide/Leaf Collection Crew Leader
Chad Green – City Vehicle Maintenance Foreman
Rob Rogers- City Maintenance

The Scottsboro Street Department is located at 2002 Bogue Drive

Office hours are 6:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

The Street Department is closed Saturday, Sunday and all legal holidays
In case of an emergency, call the Scottsboro Police Department at (256) 574-3333

The Scottsboro Street Department employs 39 full-time personnel. The department is divided into four divisions. The department is responsible for the maintenance of city streets & rights of way, surface water drainage, and all bridges and culverts within Scottsboro city limits.

There are 225 miles of streets within the city limits. The Street Department maintains 160 miles of streets while the other 65 miles are maintained by the State of Alabama.  Approximately 40 miles of curbs and gutters are maintained by the Street Department.

Upon request, the Street Department assists the Airport Authority, Cemetery Department, Recreation Department, City School System, or any other municipal - owned property in need of facility repairs, excavating, drainage, landscaping and mowing.

The Street Department responds to all emergency situations including: ice and snow removal, storm damage debris removal, chemical spills and flooding. During emergencies, the department works directly with the Police Department, Sheriff’s Department, Fire Department, Electric Power Board, Emergency Management Agency, Jackson County Public Works, and the Alabama Department of Transportation.


1. Brush and Debris Removal

The Street Department has several knuckle-boom trucks to remove the brush and debris from the side of the roads. This is for house-hold debris and tree limbs. The department respectfully requests that residents do not mix household debris with brush because the department has trucks that pick up household debris and trucks that pick up brush. The Department requests that residents have items placed at curbside by 6 a.m. on your pick up day. See pick up schedule for weekly brush and debris pick-up. The Street Department does not pick up paint cans, tires, petroleum products, batteries, medical waste, hazardous waste, blocks, rocks, asphalt, concrete, and industrial or commercial waste Please feel free to contact the Street Department with any questions. We now have brown plastic biodegradable bags for you to put your yard waste such as grass and leaves in. This is NOT the same bags for recycling used by the Sanitation Department. Call the Street Department and we will bring you some biodegradable bags.

2. Heavy Equipment/Construction

Responsibilities of the Heavy Equipment/Construction Division of the Scottsboro Street Department include street construction, resurfacing and repair of streets, drainage, tile replacement, care and maintenance of all city property, curb and gutter and sidewalk repair and replacement. This division has the expertise and knowledge to maintain and utilize the large fleet of heavy equipment that includes dozers, track-hoes, excavators, compactors, motor graders and brooms. This equipment is used daily in construction, care and maintenance of city streets, rights of way, and city properties. Also it is this division’s responsibility to care and maintain all traffic and street signs and tree trimming on the rights of way. The division also maintains the cleaning and up-keep of the Courthouse Square and adjacent city parking lots and properties.

3. Herbicide/Pesticide/Mowing/Leaf Collection

This division is responsible for the vegetation control for over 160 miles of city streets and rights of way. This is controlled basically by administering an application of specified chemicals along the street rights of way four to five times annually for weed control. The mosquito control/pesticide program is also the responsibility of this division. The division administers necessary chemicals annually in effort to control excessive mosquito growth in the hatching stage and also a chemical fogging or spray operation. There are new state laws about spraying for mosquitos.  You will need to call the Street Department for mosquito control, because we will not treat any area unless there is a complaint.This division is also responsible for mowing all city street rights of way and city properties.                                 

The division also mows, trims and trees and removes litter on the Alabama Department of Transportation rights of way (Hwy. 72 from Scottsboro/Hollywood city limits to the city limits at North Sauty Creek), all city parks and recreational areas. This division maintains the shrubbery at the Hwy 35 and 72 interchange. In the fall and winter, this division is also responsible for picking up leaves in the city. A leaf vacuum machine is used along the side of the road to keep leaves out of drainage areas.

4. City Vehicle Maintenance / City Gas Pumps

This division is responsible for service and maintenance of the 238 city vehicles and equipment. This includes fire trucks, police cruisers, heavy equipment, Sanitation Department equipment, Street Department trucks and all other cars and trucks associated with the successful operation of the city. A preventative maintenance program allows the maintenance shop to service and monitor all vehicles on a regular schedule. This computerized system is a very valuable asset not only to the department but also all other departments in the maintenance of city equipment. In addition the maintenance shop is responsible for the operation of a cooperative card-lock and key fuel system that serves all city departments and various other government agencies.

5. City Maintenance

The City’s maintenance is done by a single employee. This employee services all maintenance problems for all city departments. When departments encounter maintenance problems, the department faxes or e-mails a Work Request sheet. A Work Order containing information such as department, location, contact person, work requested, work performed and material used is then issued. The work consists of maintenance and upkeep of all city buildings and ball fields. 

This is a multi-faceted department that has a key role in the appearance and transportation for the City of Scottsboro. The members of the City of Scottsboro Street Department are very proud of the many positive achievements accomplished year after year by our department for the betterment of our citizens and surrounding communities. Moving Scottsboro forward is our goal. We take great pride in the up-keep & appearance of our city rights of way.

Don’t forget: Each April is the City of Scottsboro’s Sparkle and Shine Month

Please call before digging or disturbing any portion of city streets or rights of way.

City of Scottsboro Street Department

Phone: (256)574-3821

2002 Bogue Drive

Fax: (256) 574-6007

Scottsboro, Alabama 35769

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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