Finance Department Contacts

Rick Wheeler
Phone: 256.912.0500

Augusta Mccarver
Staff Accountant
Phone: 256.912.0507

Shane McLemore
Revenue Officer
Phone: 256.912.0508

Peggy Sieb
Accounts Payable
Phone: 256.912.0509

Connie Garner
Payroll Coordinator
Phone: 256.912.0506

Finance Department

Welcome to the finance department for the City of Scottsboro.  The finance department has several different areas of responsibility including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Purchase Orders, Payroll, Cash Collections, Fixed Assets, Business Licenses, and Cemetery Records.  The City of Scottsboro is audited by independent auditors yearly and the finance department is responsible for providing all information regarding the audit to these auditors.  The aforementioned area of responsibility are what these auditors use in the course of their audit.  In the next few paragraphs I will give you a small insight as to what occurs in each area we are responsible for.

Items purchased by our city departments must have a purchase order issued for each purchase.  By doing this we are able to track purchases and compare purchases to each department budget.  This allows us to know how a department compares to their budget at any point during the year.  We issue purchase orders for each department of the city, match up the invoice received by a vendor to the purchase order and then issues the check in payment for the purchase.

The Revenue Officer monitors companies and people doing business in Scottsboro to make sure they are properly licensed.  Anyone doing business in the City of Scottsboro must obtain a license on an annual basis.  All licenses expire December 31 of each year and must be purchased during the month of January to avoid any late penalty.  He collects alcohol tax on a monthly basis.  Our business license and alcohol tax provides the city with income in excess of $800,000 and $350,000 respectively per year.

We serve as the central cash collection point for the city.  All cash collected runs through and is deposited by the finance department. Our budget runs in excess of 20 million dollars per year, so we have a huge responsibility for cash collection.

The City of Scottsboro has over 3700 items we consider fixed assets which we inventory and maintain records on our Fixed Asset Module.  This includes items such as Automobiles, Equipment, Furniture, Streets, (including paving, curb and gutter, sidewalks, bridges, and tile).  This city has in excess of 92 million dollars of assets we track.

Accounts Receivable includes the billing and collection of mainly the sanitation department for roll off containers and 4 and 8 yard containers to local businesses.  This billing averages $225,000 per month.  We also bill for other services on an as needed basis.

Our department also sells Cemetery lots and grave opening and closings.  We issue deeds to each lot and also keep a master list of who owns lots and where those lots are located.

Our department prepares payroll on a weekly and monthly basis for all employees of the city.  Over the course of a year we pay payrolls and benefits for City Employees in excess of $11,846,000.

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