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Rick Wheeler
Phone: 256.912.0500

Augusta Mccarver
Staff Accountant
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Shane McLemore
Revenue Officer
Phone: 256.912.0508

Peggy Sieb
Accounts Payable
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Connie Garner
Payroll Coordinator
Phone: 256.912.0506

Business License Procedure

Business License Downloads

State Requirements
Fee Schedule


1. Print an application here.

2. Determine the type or scope of business(s) that you will/are performing in the City of Scottsboro.

3. Locate the 6 digit NAICS Code (click here to view NAICS Code link to view) that accompanies the business line you will perform in the City of Scottsboro.

4. On the same line of each 6 digit NAICS Code is a fee schedule, identified by a 1 or 2 digit number located to the right of the business description. Use this 1 or 2 digit fee schedule to determine the amount owed for your license (see fee schedule link for assistance).

5. Most business licenses are based on previous years GROSS RECEIPTS.

6. If it is a new business, the amount owed will be based on the CONTRACT  AMOUNT or the PROJECTED REVENUE of the business for the current year.

7. A separate license must be purchased for each line of business performed in the City of Scottsboro.

8. Use a separate column for each NAICS Code on the application.

9. Complete all the information listed on the top of application.  

10. Please print the business owners name on the line provided and also date and sign by the owner or representative.

11. Please note that there are certain businesses that are State regulated. You must submit a copy of any and all certifications before your application will be processed.

12. Your business license expires December 31 of each year.

13. Each business owner must renew their business license during the month of January each year to avoid a penalty.

14. Penalties are assessed to filings postmarked later than January 31 or if not obtained prior to February 1 at City Hall located at 316 South Broad Street.  These penalties are 15% during the month of February and 30% after the end of February.

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