City of Scottsboro Breaks Ground on Third Storm Shelter

City of Scottsboro Breaks Ground on Third Storm Shelter

The City of Scottsboro is proud to announce that work has begun on a third storm shelter. The new storm shelter is being built at Hollis Memorial Methodist Church located at 4702 S Broad St, Scottsboro, Al 35769. This will be the third storm shelter that the City has funded since 2018; the other two storm shelters are located at Randall’s Chapel United Methodist Church (2101 Veterans Dr, Scottsboro, Al 35769) and at the Scottsboro Boys and Girls Club (309 N Houston St, Scottsboro, Al 35768). The City of Scottsboro and Mayor Shelton would like to thank the Northeast District Board of Building and Church Locations for unanimously approving the request for the shelter to be placed at Hollis Memorial Methodist, as well as their support for the shelter at Randall’s Chapel. The City of Scottsboro would also like to thank Pastor Donna King of Hollis Memorial Methodist for her passion and dedication to the project. “It has been so rewarding to work with local people who have a passion for helping our town, this shelter was something that was much needed for the southern part of our community and I am so grateful to Pastor King and the congregation at Hollis Memorial for letting us work with them on this project” said Mayor Shelton.

“The people of the Hollis United Methodist Church are very excited to partner with the City of Scottsboro for this shelter project,” said Pastor Donna King, “our Church family has had a good relationship with the community, and we believe that serving as the host site for the facility is a way that we can further serve needs on the south end of Scottsboro.  When Mayor Shelton reached out to us in January about the project, our congregation was 100% in agreement, as we had already been praying, dreaming and discussing how we might fund such a shelter ourselves.  Mayor Shelton’s call was the answer to these prayers.  We started the process immediately between the Northeast District of the North Alabama Conference of the United Methodist Church and the City of Scottsboro. I think we all expected to start the project in the spring, but the pandemic slowed things down a bit.  After the survey was completed, The Northeast District Board of Building and Church Locations gave us unanimous approval and the Lease was signed last week.  Groundwork was begun by the City on Monday, August 17, 2020.”

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