Guntersville Reservoir Herbicide Treatment Schedule Week 4

Guntersville Reservoir Herbicide Treatment Schedule

June 17th – June 21st, 2019

Honeycomb Creek – Long Jagger Branch Subdivision, Shady Acres Subdivision, Pine Shores Subdivision, Honeycomb Park Subdivision, Honeycomb Public Ramp

Connors Island Area – Marshall County Park #1 Ramp and Day Use Area along 431, Allred’s Marina, Bayshore Estates Subdivision, TVA pier

Browns Creek –Beech Creek Bay Subdivision along Douglas Drive

Big Spring Creek – Big Spring Creek Pointe Subdivision, Big Spring Creek 2nd Addition, portions of Big Spring Creek Subdivision, Steele Ford Ramp and Day Use Area, Wyndham Gardens Hotel Piers, Wyndham Public Ramp, Bucky Howe Park Swim Area, Public Ramp and Piers, Wyeth Drive Park

Buck Island Area – Marshall County Park #1, Buck Island Shores Subdivision, northern portions of Buck Island Subdivision

Town Creek (Marshall County) – Guntersville State Park Cabins, Main Campground, Swim Area and Ramps, Campground along Co. 227, Minky Creek Public Ramp

Columbus City Area – Seibold Public Ramp, Seibold Campground and Marina

Mill Creek – portions of Pine Island Subdivision

Waterfront Area – portion of Preston Island Cabin Site Subdivision

Boshart Creek – portions of St. Christopher’s Point Subdivision, portions of Adeline’s on the Lake

South Sauty Creek – South Sauty Creek Campground downstream of Co. 67, Northshore Campground at Big Rock, portion of Davis Point Subdivision

Langston Area – South Lewis Evans Subdivision, portion of North Lewis Evans Subdivision

Mink Creek – J.W. Goodwin Subdivision, McLemore Point Subdivision, portions of Lakeview Beach Subdivision

North Sauty Creek – Goosepond Campground, Marina, Amphitheater, Swim Area

Roseberry Creek – Harrington Hollow Subdivision, portion of Roseberry Homesite Subdivision, Willow Cove Subdivision, Ft. Payne Boat Club, Lakeshore Subdivision, portions of Lakeview Shores Subdivision along Starkey Drive and Campground Circle

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