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Building Permit Prerequisites

You need a few things to get a building permit, read more on what is required to receive your permit.

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Permit Applications

The City of Scottsboro has 4 different types of permits based on what kind of work is being done, click below for a full list of Applications.

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Permit Fees

Interested in what you might have to pay for your permit? Find out more here about what the cost will be for your permit.

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List of Issued Permits

Interested in what permits have been issues by the Building Department? Follow the link below to a full listing of permits from 2010 to Present.

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Building Permit Pre-requisites

  •  Building Permit Application
  •  Plot plan by licensed surveyor with proposed dwelling location shown.
  •  Two (2) Sets of Building Plans.(One (1) set goes back to permit holder).
  •  Properly Licensed and Qualified contractors.

** We also have handout packages for residential construction available upon request.

Permit Applications

The City of Scottsboro Building Department currently offers 4 different types of applications based on what type of work you will be doing. You can click the permit you are interested in below to

Interested in what International Building Codes the City of Scottsboro uses?

Building Permit Fees

  • Plumbing Permit Fees
  • Fee by bathroom $40.00 for the first bath. $20.00 for each additional bath. Option $5.00 per fixture as shown on the plumbing permit. *Option is used mostly on large commercial jobs.
  • HVAC Permit Fees
  • $30.00 for the first $1,000.00 plus $4.00 for each additional thousand or fraction thereof.

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